1st Moscow Watch Factory 2409 B

This watch was build by the first Moscow Watch Factory in 1967 to commemorate the manned drifting Ice Station SP-15 lead by V.V. Panic (March 1966 - April 1967 ). I was looking for this watch a very long time. Throughout the years I have only been able to spot 4 other examples on Internet. It was offered with various other antarctic themed watches. 
The pole is a very important part of our planet. It's also called the "kitchen" of the weather.
In 1966 a North Pole expedition was organized 855 KM north east from Wrangle Island. The Antarctic & Arctic research Institute (AARI or ААНИИ) was on a mission to study the fluxes of cosmic particles at different heights and ultra low-frequency radiation in the region of the polar cap using instruments detached by balloons. For more than 18 months the SP-15 traveled a distance of 1.200 kilometers and approached the North-Pole by five kilometers. No other drifting station was ever so close to the "top" of our planet.
In the picture on the left a couple of explorers their home-made signage; 5.100 km from Moscow and 5.900 KM from Kiev. On the other picture the second team of the expedition which was led by LV Bulatov.

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